The Team

Our goal when recruiting our team was that we be able to welcome guests with a highly trained team befitting the calibre of the restaurant. All of our staff members are chosen for their high level of skills, knowledge of foreign languages, their dedication both to the profession and to providing our patrons with the highest level of service possible. All staff members are committed to the values projected by the restaurant. We welcome all visitors to Fisherman’s Bastion – a World Heritage site and one of Hungary’s most famous emblems – with traditional Hungarian hospitality coupled with a modern approach.
Péter Lenkei and Péter Kiskovács, managers of the Fisherman's Bastion Restaurant, work to ensure that guests receive the highest quality service possible. Our hostesses are on hand to provide assistance from the moment patrons enter the restaurant until the time they leave. All of our staff members strive to ensure that every moment spent with us is unique and unforgettable one. Our goal is to make everyone – even after spending only a single minute in our restaurant – remember it for the rest of their lives and to want to return to us.
Our sommelier, Gergely Bitai, is on hand to recommend the perfect wine for every occasion, every time. We stock the finest selection of wines representing each of the Hungarian wine regions.
Our chef, has set himself the ambitious goal of creating a Hungarian innovative gourmet cuisine based on traditional foundations. With his colleagues, he works to feature a selection on our menu offering both modern dishes as well as traditional – some might even say old-school – entrées which, through the use of the finest ingredients, blossom into quality gastronomic works of art. Our menu changes every three months, using seasonal ingredients – preferably locally produced. Our goal is to continually improve and develop, and to strive to achieve that perfect balance which makes every element of the meal an unforgettable experience.
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