Valentine's Day offer

"Love above the city"

Make Valentine's Day unforgettable!

A special night in the spirit of romance and love.
The menu and the selected wine list are dedicated to this special night.
Romantic music, violin concert by Attila Vadász.
Price of the menu
Standard:25.200,- HUF/person
Standard with wines: 29.120,- HUF/person
Deluxe: 28.000,- HUF/person
Deluxe with wines: 31.920,-HUF/person
Exclusive:42.000,- HUF/person
Exclusive with wines: 45.920,- HUF/person

Exclusive tables: tables nearby the windows on the Gallery of the restaurant.
Deluxe tables: tables with panorama in the Knight Hall of the restaurant.
Standard tables: further tables in the Knight Hall of the restaurant.

All menus include one cup of coffee or tea for every guests for free.
The wine selections include 1 bottle (0,25L) of mineral water for every guest.

Our prices include the VAT and the 14% service charge.

Arriving time from 6.30 p.m.
The serving of the dinner will start at 7.30 p.m.
In order to ensure the fluent service we would like to ask our guests to arrive at latest 19:30.

In case of reservation, please be so kind to send us to the e-mail address the following information:
Number of guests:
Arriving time:
Choosen service:

Method of payment:
We can guarantee your reservation in case of paying 100% of the ordered service and the service fee as a deposit. This amount must be paid in advance, personally or by bank transfer.

In case of bank transfer we need:
Name of customer:
Billing name:
Billing address:

Renouncement conditions
Due to the nature of the event we cannot accept cancellation.

Valentine’s Day menu

Oysters with celery and caviar
Hungária Juhfark Brut with hibiscus flower (1,5dl)

Duck liver duo with pistachio crumbs and smoked pear
Laposa Szürkebarát 2012, Badacsony (0,75dl)

Lobster with fennel, quinoa and leek
Haraszthy Virtuoso Öreghegy Cuvée 2013, Etyek-Buda (1,5dl)

Sea buckthorn granité

Grey veal tenderloin with fermented vegetables, purple potato purée and truffles
Vylyan Halászbástya Finesse Cuvée 2012, Villány (1,5dl)

White chocolate crémeux, ginger raspberry sorbet and meringue
Hétszőlő aszú 3 puttonyos 2005, Tokaj (0,5dl)

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