From 8th November 2017

St. Martin's Day is a celebration prior to the advent fast; it is about fun and gastronomic enjoyments. According to the belief if you don't eat goose on St. Martin's Day you will starve all year.

Taste our St. Martin's Day offer from November 8. created by chef of the Halászbástya Restaurant.

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Goose Hors d’oeuvre (Goose sausage, goose terrine, goose rilette, spicy quince chutney) 4.760 Huf
Goose bowl soup with porcini mushroom 3.080 Huf
Goose leg and gizzard with pearl barley risotto and pickled carott 5880 Huf

Angus sirloin steak with chestnut noodles,beetroot and baby corn 8.400 Huf
„Flódni” trifle with plum ice cream 3.080 Huf

Vylyan Bogyólé, 2017-Villány
Gróf Buttler Kadarka Superior, 2014-Eger
TEMB Ethalon cuveé, 2013-Szekszárd
Matias Hárslevelű Jégbor, 2011-Pécs
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