Easter Offer

Special Easter Offer of the Fisherman's Bastion Restaurant can be tasted from 7th April 2012. The Restaurant is also the most ceremonial choice on the occasion of Easter. Taste our courses which made specifically for this occasion.
Our Easter Offer can be ordered as a 4 courses menu, the price of the menu is 8900 HUF.

12 % serving fee will be added to your bill.
Wild garlic cream soup
served with camembert cheese crouton
1.600,- HUF
Red wine and caraway flavoured lamb 'sausage'
in roasted paprika sauce
2.300,- HUF
Lemonpepper leg of rabbit
with 'Furmint' wine flavoured polenta cream and ham fritters
4.600,- HUF
Easter fruitcake
with strawberry ragout and tonka bean ice cream
1.800,- HUF



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