The Chef’s Table

One of our many plans is to set up a unique “Chef's Table” in our restaurant – the first such feature in any restaurant in Hungary. The Chef’s Table will be located inside the restaurant kitchen, allowing patrons dining at the table to obtain a first-hand glimpse behind the scenes of the restaurant. Guests at this table may design their own menu with the expert help of our chef, Zoltán Hammer. They will be able to watch their dinner being prepared and served, while observing the various goings-on in the kitchen of the restaurant. More adventurous guests may even choose to take part in certain phases of food preparation. Their personal server will offer wines selected specifically for the occasion by our sommelier.
In the meantime, we invite you to visit this page regularly for more news about our kitchen, interesting trivia and recipes.


Fisherman’s Bastion Restaurant on the Life Network. Chef Zoltán Hammer demonstrates the preparation of two dishes: traditional Hortobágyi crêpes stuffed with veal, as well as a novel, "inside-out" version, the Hortobágyi chicken ravioli.
Recipes to be uploaded soon.
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