Recommendation of the Halászbástya Restaurant for St. Martin's day
November 5-12, 2012

St. Martin's Day is a celebration prior to the advent fast; it is about fun and gastronomic enjoyments.

According to the belief if you don't eat goose on St. Martin's Day you will starve all year.

Taste our St. Martin's Day offer between November 5 and 12. created by chef of Fishermen's Bastion Restaurant.
Dill flavoured piquant goose soup, home made sour cream
1.650 Ft
Pierogi stuffed with smoked goose breast, "beetroot soup"
2.900 Ft
St. Martin's day goose "risotto"of Fisherman's Bastion:
grape must flavoured buckweath pulp, goosemeet, goose liver
4.700 Ft
0,75l 0,15l
Nyakas pincészet Etyeki Irsai Olivér 2012 4950,- 1180,-
Bárdos és Fia Mátraaljai Irsai Olivér 2012 4200,- 990,-
Vylyan pincészet Villányi Rosé Cuvée 2012 5900,- 1350,-
Bodri pincészet Szekszárdi Rozi Rosé 2012 4600.- 1100,-
Vylyan pincészet Villányi Bogyólé 2012 6500.- 1550,-
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